KS1 and KS2 Primary Science Workshops

Hands on Science and STEM workshops for Early Years Foundation Science (EYFS), Reception – up to and including Year 6. All of our Science Day and STEM day workshops are designed to be hands on and are adapted to suit all learning levels throughout primary school science.



Children (young professors) are inquisitive by nature. This creates great opportunities for them to learn and develop scientific knowledge and enquiry methods naturally!

Their minds are fertile to plant the ideas and seeds of which can grow into a STEM of knowledge – benefitting them throughout their future. At Professor Bubbleworks our aim is to develop confidence, enthusiasm, and knowledge within our young professors – Particularly in: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Children – boys and girls alike – are curious and want to learn about the world and how everything works. We notice this from the moment children start to talk to us. They are mindful of things around them and ask great questions –

·  “Why is the sky blue?”          ·  “Why doesn’t the moon fall down?”

·  “Why is the sea salty?”         ·  “How are bridges made?”

·  “Why is the sun so bright?”   ·  “How do rockets work?”


At Professor Bubbles we nurture this curiosity and provide workshops which keep natural learning exciting, practical and entertaining so that children can connect with science from a very early age. Girls are particularly encouraged to start early because it can be more challenging to capture an interest to pursue science in the later stages of their development.


Our day starts off with our WOW-factor show for the whole school, and the rest of the day is science workshops for the whole primary school.

We have a multitude of science themes and workshops to choose from! All themes age-adjusted and link into the national curriculum throughout. From Forces, Chemical Reactions, to Wild Weather and States of Matter!

This year we have created a brand new theme which we have made to link seamlessly with the British Science Association 2018 theme – “Discovery and Exploration”.

Please get in contact to learn more – bookings@professorbubbleworks.com

All of our science workshops and themes have engrained in them a focus on Scientific Enquiry Methods and Safety whenever doing anything science related. We feel fostering these attributes early with our young professors will always be useful in any of their future endeavours.


Our primary school science workshops and assemblies cater for multiple age groups – from early ages (3+) to primary school level scientists (KS1 and KS2) with an excellent selection of creative science experiments designed specifically for each age group.

These are provided by our fully trained and safe Professors!