Welcome to our online science lab!

Primary Workshops

Looking for Primary Science Workshops? Want to bring science lessons to life? Our Early Years, KS1 and KS2 science workshops are an opportunity to really bring science and STEM learning to life for all pupils, with exciting hands on experiments for students that fire the imagination and curriculum linked learning that is both friendly and fun.

Science Workshops

Secondary Workshops

Secondary Science Workshops? Our KS3 and KS4 Secondary Science STEM workshops are an excellent opportunity to develop depth of knowledge, with exciting demonstrations and great practical applications - teamwork and collaboration promoted all throughout.

SEN Workshops

Looking for something to inspire a your science-loving students? Professor Bubbleworks offer an immersive and sensory science experience. It gives all students a chance to get hands on with a range of different scientific activities.

Science Clubs

Want to offer more opportunities for children to explore the subject with curriculum linked science fun after school? Our after school science clubs are a great way to encourage a greater interest in STEM subjects - with hands-on science fun aims to inspire young minds and push pupils to explore more!